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The Hornet Cub was designed for stock and mustering work on outback stations and is as well designed and built as its ”bigger brother”, the Hornet STOL.

The Hornet Cub is a tandem seat aircraft that is lighter than the Hornet STOL and more economical to build.
Its ample cargo room can also be used for a jump seat.
It has unsurpassed visibility all around from the cockpit and pilot access is via a sliding door that can be fitted on either the right or left side.

The HornetCub also features a cargo area access door, large wheels and trailing link suspension, optional large tail wheels, communication equipment (UHF and VHF radios) and optional wailers and sirens.

The overall design is like a streamlined version of the Hornet STOL, a very agile and lively airplane with the shortest take off and landing distance of all Hornet aircraft produced by Australian Aircraft Kits to date.

Additional performance and specification data for the Hornet Cub download

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